Day 241 Merkaba Activation

Day 241 Merkaba Activation

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Welcome to Day 241

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Day 241 is the inter-dimensional anchor of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. It is the day that Crystal 1 and Crystal 2 meet and become 1.
It is the day when Crystal 1 (5D Self / Prophet within) enters the Sacred 11:11 Inner Matrix, the domain of the 6th Dimensional Self.
This process is modelled majestically through the 6D construction of the 2 base 8 tetrahedrons of 120 steps. Day 241 is the day these two 6D tetrahedral containers begin to merge to form the Merkaba of the Higher Self.
Read about the merkaba activation process here : 6D Merkaba Activation
Day 241 is understood as the inter-dimensional anchor of the Sacred Matrix, because of the following:
  • Pakal Votan was born on Day 241, March 23rd 603 AD.
  • Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan) ascended on Day 241, March 23rd 2011
  • Mayan Baba D was born on Day 241, March 23rd 1963.
This is the fundamental reason why we call the 19:19 Crystal Matrix : The Sacred Meditation of the Ascended Masters. Each of the prophets of 4th Dimensional Time emanated perfectly synchronised within the matrix on Day 241. Their birth and ascension were bound within The Law of Oracle and Prophecy, the LOOP of the Multidimensional Self.
Through the dimensional shift of 2012-2013 and the definition that is bound within the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, we can now truly appreciate the splendour of their actions on Earth, we eat the fruit of their dreams and source connection.
For this same reason we have called you here today for this Sacred Meditation. To remember those who paved the way to this understanding. Those who walked so elegantly within the 19:19 Crystal Matrix as 5D Prophet Archetypes.
Ultimately it is the Sacred Matrix who accepts or rejects. I believe you can see through this magical manifestation that the 5D Prophets of Pakal, Valum, and Baba are products of the Ascension of the Higher Self. They are timeless examples of the power of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. Just like the Pyramid Hologram of 1330 years, which concluded in 2013 to initiate the sacred sequence of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, all that resonates prophecy and oracle is born through the sacred matrix, because the 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the Womb of the New Earth.
After 12 years of using this matrix on Earth, now is the time to share the sacred code with the Awoken Ones. This the sacred invocation of the Highest Wizard of the 7th Dimension.

To connect with todays meditation, I ask you to focus on geometry below

  • There are 19 hexagonal structures.
  • Each structure is a model of the Sacred Double Terminated Crystal.
  • Each structure houses the facets of the crystal. 6 + 6 + 6 + the mythic 19th centre.
  • Each of these represent the angelic structures of your Archetypal Matrix.
  • Your focus should be to activate each of these angelic structures.
  • The meditation is 19 minutes in length. You should dedicate 1 minute to each of the 19 Greater Structures.
  • You should dedicate approximately 3 seconds to each inner structure of 19. 19 x 3 = 57 seconds. 
  • There can be 3 seconds of void between the activation and initiation of each of the 19 greater angels.
  • The first 12 outer activations, induce the awakening of the 12 strand of DNA.
  • The final 7 inner channel the code through the 7 chakra centre of your multidimensional body.
  • On the final 19th Centre, channel the multidimensional light of the 7th Dimension, through you 6th Dimensional Merkaba and transit it to the Crystal Heart of the New Earth
  • This is the sacred code of the ascended masters.

If this is a little too complicated for you at such short notice, do not worry. Just enter the meditation space with gratitude and open unconditional love and transmit this to the Crystal Heart of the New Earth.

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I Cast my Self into the Sacred Crystal

For the Matrix and I are One

I Invoke the 19 Angels of the Stone

To Awaken the Golden Threads of my Archetypal Self


Much Gratitude to the Artists Featuring the Sacred Music, in special to sister Ashera Hart
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