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.shadow css class Welcome to the first steps in understanding one of the most delicately prepared riddles in human history. A real time prophecy embed within a riddle which upon becoming solved has uncovered a unique and sacred meditational system. A meditation which appears to have been intentionally frozen in time and hidden from humanity; coded to be unveiled in its true form just now.
The reason as to why it was embed into a riddle and hidden away will become apparent as you begin to integrate its sacred teaching into your daily life. One immersed in its fractal hologram, the illusion of humanity's path becomes inherently clear. Humans have been fooled into submission to religion in a social and institutionalised form and denied access to the spiritual nature of the multidimensional, archetypal self.
The 19 Matrix Multidimensional Meditation is a sacred tool of the Ascended Masters. It defines a clear path to follow in order to reset your soul within the matrix; it is the re-alignment of your multidimensional self into the universal cosmic axis. It beholds direct access to what the many ancient Earth Tribes regard as The World Tree, Ydgrassil, Axis Mundi ! Your path through this teaching leads to the process of interaction, and ultimately unification with the Sacred Tree. 
With the path comes much responsibility, so as the discoverer and facilitator of this divine system, I dedicate the sacred meditation to the New Earth, to the Mother, to the Divine Matrix, our anchor in the heavens. For it is through the Earths crystalline, angelic self, that we connect with the planets, the stars, the newly fathomable Dimensions of the Higher Self. My wish is that through this practice, both personally and collectively we can aspire for complete soul integration into the Sacred Matrix so it can guide us to the New Earth we so righteously deserve, that our children deserve. Let the darkness to dissipate and the light shine through.
The word "matrix" has many distinct meanings.
  • In Old English and Latin it refers to the Womb of the Mother.
  • In Mathematics it signifies a rectangular array of vectorised number sequences.
  • In the Geological world it refers to interconnected crystalline geometrics.
  • It also describes a substance, situation, or environment in which something has its origin, takes form or is enclosed.
All these definitions of the word "matrix", sum beautifully into this work because the 19 Matrix Meditation is the crystalline, mathematical, womb from where your soul interacts with the Cosmic Tree. It is where you came from, and its where your going to next. It serves as a guide to the LOOP (Law of Oracle & Prophecy). It is the umbilical cord to the Central Axis, the World Tree, Heaven on Earth.
Upon realising the simplistic beauty you will re-member and weep a tear as to how it was manipulated from the grasp of humanity for so long.
The 19 Matrix Meditation unites the source of all religions, all paths, all of natures harmonics into a simple pattern that synchronises our planetary culture with the pulse of the divine source.
Its time to re-connect the golden threads of your Archetypal Self.

"The 19 Matrix Meditation is the Womb of the New Earth !"

Much Love and Blessings to you on your journey ! Gar x